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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

What is PLYWOOD?

Well-designed furniture should serve the child for a long time, sometimes from birth to initiation into the adult world.

Designing this type of product is a great challenge, because during its growth the child changes extremely dynamically its size, capabilities and needs.

For this purpose, the choice of material is extremely important. The material from which the furniture will be made should be environmentally friendly, safe for children, strong, durable and protective.

Technically, plywood is a product obtained by gluing 3 or more sheets of developed veneer in a mutually perpendicular arrangement of the directions of the wood fibers. Natural material with high resistance to damage from the weather influence, microorganisms, cold and hot water. The mutually perpendicular arrangement of the fibers of the individual veneer sheets guarantees extremely good mechanical properties of plywood such as: strength and stability, high impact resistance, vibration and stress absorption. The plywood responds to thermal influences much better than metals and plastics.

Our products are very low on Formaldehyde emissions and meet the requirements of “BDS EN 717-2”, the standard for safest class – “E1” (This European Standard describes a procedure for the determination of released formaldehyde from wood-based panels with or without surface coating under certain conditions).

Each KAID furniture is unique thanks to the natural texture of the material, each detail has a different flutter (pattern), might include specific coloring and small studs based on the wood texture. The quality of our plywood meets the requirements for standard “BDS EN 635-3”.

The use of birch plywood, the eco-friendly processing of the furniture and the lack of metal parts make the furniture safer to be used and exploited by children. The light construction, the easy assembly and the multi-functionality of the details are an advantage over the other furniture offered on the market. Fun design develops children's imagination and makes them part of their environment, even when they are at home, in kindergarten or other place to play. ❤

How to remove the pencil scratches from the table?

Use a moisturized towel with soft detergent.

What tools/instruments I need for the assembling?

Most of our products do not require any specific tools. And if you need such, it will be
added to your order.

How to assemble the furniture?

Upon delivery, each product has a diagram with instructions for easy and quick assembly.

Do you have an existing physical store/show room?

Currently we do not have a show room and physical store. Upon delivery we offer, as an option, the possibility to review the product before you buy.

What will happen if the child spill water on the table?

Accidental spillage of water on the furniture will not be an issue. Just clean with a dry cloth. We’ve tested the surface with spilled water that remained for hours and there were no traces of water damage after cleaning. However, we do not recommend constant contact of the furniture with water.

How much weight can withstand the furniture?

All of our furniture is strong enough and safe for use by adults. Now it's time to choose which will fit your size and test it yourself. :)

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.