Delivery is calculated automatically when the order is completed.

In case you have chosen the cash on delivery option, the final delivery price includes the amount charged as a cash on delivery by the courier. This option is valid and limited only within the country of Republic of Bulgaria. Orders for other European countries must be paid online at the time the order is created.

Open service, which allows the recipient to open and view the shipment in the presence of the courier and make sure of its contents before receiving the shipment.

Delivery is made within 5 working days from the date of the order if within the country of Republic of Bulgaria.

Delivery to some settlements that are not visited by couriers every day is within 7 working days or according to the courier's schedule for the specified location.

Upon return of the order, the return delivery to "KAID" is at the expense of the customer.

Shipping within Europe.

The estimated delivery time for any other European country is up to 20 working days.