2 Years warranty

As a manufacturer and business aiming to provide an alternative quality product made with materials of guaranteed origin, we provide our customers by providing a full European guarantee.

All furniture that we offer in the online store kaid.bg has a warranty of 2 (two) years.

As a user, you have the right to read the following information:
Art. 112 of the CPA

(1) In case of non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale, the consumer shall have
the right to file a complaint by asking the seller to transfer the goods in accordance with the contract of
sale. In this case, the consumer can choose between repairing the product or replacing it with a new one,
unless this is not possible or the method of compensation he has chosen is disproportionate to the other.


(2) It is considered that a certain way of compensating the consumer is disproportionate, if its use
imposes costs on the seller, who in comparison with the other way of compensation are unreasonable,
taking into account:

the value of the consumer good, if there was no lack of non-conformity;
the significance of the non-compliance;
the possibility to offer the consumer another way of compensation that is not associated with significant
inconvenience for him.


Art. 113 of the CPA
(1) When the consumer goods do not correspond to the contract of sale, the seller shall be obliged to
bring it in compliance with the contract of sale.
(2) The bringing of the consumer goods in compliance with the contract of sale shall be carried out within
one month, as of the filing of the complaint by the consumer.
(3) After the expiration of the term under par. 2 the consumer has the right to cancel the contract and to
be reimbursed the amount paid or to request a reduction of the price of the consumer goods according to
art. 114
(4) The bringing of the consumer goods in compliance with the contract of sale shall be free of charge for
the consumer. It does not owe costs for the shipment of consumer goods or for materials and labor
associated with its repair, and must not suffer significant inconvenience.
(5) The consumer may also claim compensation for the damages suffered as a result of the noncompliance.
Art. 114 of the CPA
(1) In case of non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale and when the consumer is
not satisfied with the resolution of the claim under Art. 113, he has the right to choose between one of the
following options:
Termination of the contract and refund of the amount paid by him;
Price Reduction.
(2) The consumer may not claim a refund of the amount paid or a reduction in the price of the goods
when the trader agrees to replace the consumer goods with a new one or to repair the goods within one
month of filing a complaint by the consumer.
(3) The trader shall be obliged to satisfy a request for cancellation of the contract and to refund the
amount paid by the consumer, when after he has satisfied three complaints of the consumer by repairing
the same goods, within the term of the guarantee under art. 115, there is another occurrence of noncompliance of the goods with the contract of sale.
(4) The consumer may not claim for annulment of the contract if the non-conformity of the consumer
goods with the contract is insignificant.
Art. 115 of the CPA
(1) The consumer may exercise his right under this section within two years, as of the delivery of the
consumer goods.
(2) The term under par. 1 shall cease to run during the time necessary for the repair or replacement of the
consumer goods or for reaching an agreement between the seller and the consumer for resolving the
(3) The exercise of the consumer's right under para. 1 is not bound by any other term for filing a claim,
different from the term under para. 1.
Art. 119 of the CPA
(1) The application for granting a commercial guarantee shall contain obligatorily information for:
1.The rights of the consumers, arising from the guarantee under art. 112 - 115, and clearly states that the
commercial guarantee does not affect the rights of consumers arising from the guarantee under Art. 112 -
115, and more precisely that regardless of the commercial guarantee the seller is responsible for the lack
of conformity of the consumer goods with the contract of sale according to the guarantee under art. 112 -
2.The content and scope of the commercial guarantee;
3.The essential elements necessary for its implementation, in particular: the means of filing complaints;
term of the commercial guarantee; territorial scope of the trade guarantee; the name and address of the
person providing the commercial guarantee, and the name and address of the person to whom the
commercial guarantee may be presented, where that person is different from the person providing the
commercial guarantee.
(2) In case the commercial guarantee is provided by a producer, who has no representative on the
territory of the country, and in the application for granting a commercial guarantee there is no information
under para. 1, item 1, this information shall be provided to the consumer in an appropriate manner by the
(3) The information under para. 1 must be clear, understandable and easy to read. The information must
be provided in Bulgarian or in English.
According to the Consumer Protection Act and European Directive 1999/44 / EC, the manufacturer
provides a two-year warranty on the product it produces.


When assembling, the customer must follow the enclosed instructions.

The product must be used as intended.

2 years warranty on children's furniture KAID:

There is a difference between the purchased product and the model marked on the individual label;

Under normal use, hidden manufacturing defects have been shown;

Defects caused during transportation by the seller;

The buyer loses the warranty rights in the following cases:

The buyer does not follow the rules for assembling and operating the furniture;
The products have been damaged by the buyer, including when the customer tries to solve the original problem himself;
The furniture was damaged under force majeure.


The warranty does not cover:

Defects caused by improper assembly and operation of furniture.

Defects caused by the customer due to careless transportation.

Defects caused by external influences, mechanical damage, high humidity, attempts to repair, etc.
caused by the customer or third parties.

Defects that occur as a result of prolonged storage, cleaning of the product with abrasive or inappropriate
detergents, pets, etc.

Discrepancies resulting from storage or use under unnatural conditions of contamination or moisture.

The expected deformation of the outer part due to the natural impact of exploitation over time.

The purchased products were damaged under force majeure situations.

For the appearance of defects during operation of the furniture and products, please notify us using the
contacts provided on the site kaid.bg. During the warranty period, all quantitative and qualitative
discrepancies will be resolved by the manufacturer. The repair or replacement of products or parts is at
the expense of the company. The resolution of the cases of claim is within 20-45 working days from the
day of the registration of the damage. In case you have purchased a product and you have noticed that it
is in poor condition, you have the right to return the product to us within 2 years from the date of delivery.
In addition, the product will be transported free of charge. In this case, the product of poor quality is
replaced with one of better quality or the amount paid is fully refunded. If during the warranty period (24
months) you notice hidden manufacturing defects, please take photos and send them to us at
hi@kaid.bg. The manufacturer will decide whether the warranty is valid in this case, taking into account
whether the defect occurred during production or for other reasons. You will be informed of the
manufacturer's decision through the contact you have provided.

Please note that the production warranty does not apply to naturally worn or depreciated parts of the